Taxszövetség - Taxi expo

About us

The first Taxi Expo in Hungary took place in Budapest on 14th November 2017. The event was organised by the Industrial department of Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Ipar Kamara Ipari Tagozata, BKIK-IT) with the intention to create a tradition.

As professional partner, National Taxi Association (Országos Taxis Szövetség, OTSZ) contributes to the organisation of the series of events.

The aim of Taxi Expo is to connect all the parties those are interested in passenger transport by taxi cabs. Participants of the Taxi Expo can get fresh news and obtain current knowledge once a year at one place through attending different professional presentations.

The Expo creates opportunity for producers to receive direct feedback from users in order to form their new assortment.
The Budapest Taxi Expo is organised on the model of the Europäischen Taximesse in Köln. The participating contractors, car importers and distributors of accessories those are necessary to run the taxi business are brought to a common platform here. The Taxi Expo took place at Hungexpo in years 2017 and 2018.

This year, in 2019 Hungarian Railway History Park will host the event that will be broadened to a family day where you will find programmes for children too in order to let more and more people visit the Taxi Expo.

Thanks to the close cooperation between BKIK and OTSZ for many years, forums and professional meetings are held regurarly with transportation organisers, local and national councils and authorities.


One of the goals of these events is to establish a dialogue that will help the activities of more than 6500 taxi drivers and passenger transporters in Budapest.


Organizers of the Taxi Expo have received a lot of positive feedback from visitors of previus Expos that led to the recognition that there is a need to have such a great assembly year by year.